Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative journals

I am reading a couple of books on freeing up your creativity. Kick-Ass Creativity and The Artist's Way. They both require some journaling. The Artist's Way is really centered around a free flow journal, there is even a special one printed to go with the book. Kick-Ass Creativity also encouraged journaling with questions and prompts. I am also working on the Temple series by Christopher Penczak which, like the Artist's Way, wants 3 pages of journaling every morning. AND I am working on my Tarot, thanks to a sudden connection with my favorite deck, Mystic Dreamer and a brand new deck, Shadowscapes. Journaling is an important way to develop confidence in the Tarot.

I really enjoy working on several different, but related, things at once. If you get bogged down in one you just switch to another and keep going in the same direction.

And I totally understand and support the free flow journaling. It is very hard for me to do and I know that it brings up thoughts and feelings and makes it easier to sort them out.
But now I am in the position of needing all day just to do the journaling that goes with these books.... obviously I am not doing all this. It might be interesting to have all day to do this, but I certainly don't. It was just kind of enjoyable to add up all that I am supposed to be doing.

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