Sunday, June 20, 2010

sleep, sleep, sleep

This morning was the strangest, most disoriented ever. Maybe even stranger than my party days in my 20s, although I have put most of that out of my mind.

I woke up this morning, around 4:30, in bed, under the covers, in my clothes. Odd.
And I had this strange feeling of trying to remember where I was and what day it was...that sort of thing. I looked at the time and decided that I was just still asleep, but why was I wearing my clothes in bed? And I felt wide awake. I went out to the living room and found lights on, the TV on, the computer on.
When I opened the back door to let the little dogs out, I found that the Afghan Hounds had been out overnight.

The last thing I remember I was watching a Stargate DVD on the TV and waiting for it to be time to feed the dogs so I could go to bed. I was very tired. I think I must have just toddled off to bed in my sleep. But I cannot remember doing it. I have been thinking about it all day and absolutely cannot remember going to bed. Since I just apparently abandoned the house and the dogs, I must have been asleep. Maybe I was uncomfortable in the chair and my brain told my body that the bed was more comfortable.

What I find the oddest is the strange sense of disorientation that I felt when I woke up. If we are moved while in our sleep (or move ourselves) does our brain think we are still where we were when we fell asleep? And then it doesn't recognize a different location? Even a familiar one?

If I wasn't so tired tonight I might do some Internet searching about this. Maybe another time. Tonight I just want to be IN bed before I go to sleep.

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