Saturday, September 10, 2011

What do you think?


  1. What do you think? ;)

    My two cents:
    Personally, it makes me very uncomfortable and I quit watching years ago because there seems to be this wallowing and a glorification of the event that seems unhealthy. The reliving of it perpetuates the hate and fear. It feels bad for the healing of the country.

    I was snatched off the street, gang raped, and threatened to be left for dead. If I "celebrated" the anniversary with photos, interviews, recordings, and nostalgic memories of what it felt like, the horror, and how my life has never been the same...almost reliving the pain and fear of this event year after year...I would never have been able to heal and move forward...would have been afraid to walk outside...

    That is what these annual media blitzes feel like to me. Unhealthy. More about opening the wound than healing it. More about the media making money.

  2. I agree, without the personal experience to relate it to. It feels more like picking at a scab than healing and honoring the people who died.