Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the plumber.....sheeeesh

Joe the plumber, average citizen, worried about his taxes under Obama.

Except that he is, apparently, not a plumber. And he is also, apparently, not in any danger of leaping any time soon into the 250k+ income bracket that would increase his taxes.

As for average, I sincerely hope not. Sarah Palin spent her debate time talking to Joe Six-Pack. McCain spent his debate time talking to Joe, the Plumber. Both of them convinced that the rest of us poor schmucks watching on TV would relate to them.
Since when has the Big House/Wife Swap watcher, Joe Six-Pack, semi literate, anti-environmental, wolf hunting, crotch scratcher become the picture of the average American? No offense, Joe, either of you.

When in hell did that happen?

What happened to the average American being someone who works for a living, reads something other than the sports page or the National Inquirer, can hold a conversation about current events in words of more than one syllable, mows the grass, plays games with the kids and likes the dog?

When did being some sort of unhappy whiner hungry for a few minutes of fame become 'average'?

I am insulted by the whole concept. I am insulted by being talked down to by grinning politicians who can't even decently hide their rigid belief that I am an idiot, a dupe, a statistic to be manipulated.

So call someone else "my friend" John McCain. And wink at someone else in that camera, Sarah Palin.
I call bullshit!

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