Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An opportunity for the Republican Party.

It isn't over yet, but the widespread feeling that Republicans may be going down to resounding defeat all over the country has been strong enough to cause some infighting in the party. Sarah Palin, oblivious to the disgust of the majority of the country, seems to think that John McCain is messing up her campaign.

While Sarah Palin was the final reason to stop considering John McCain as a serious candidate, she may turn out to be just what the Republicans need. The impetus to clean house and restore the party to what it once was.

I am old enough to remember when the Republican Party was not the safe haven for whack jobs, religious zealots, criminals and hate mongers. I am not sure exactly when that happened but it has been a done deal for at least 10 years. The true Republican politicians left around, valiantly carrying the flag of fiscal conservatism and trying to do a good job have my respect.

As abhorrent as she is, I am hoping that Sarah Palin will be the last straw, the line drawn in the sand, the reason to stop seeking all votes at all costs and the reason for the Republican party to get rid of the flotsam and jetsam and get back to a platform that can be respected, debated and voted on

We need a two party system that works. I am, personally, hoping for a Democratic landslide this election so that we can fix some important problems faster than usual. But I don't want anyone to get too comfortable in their Washington chairs, because the next election will be time to balance the Congress better. And we need to do it without the screaming illiterates that have dominated one side of this election season.

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