Thursday, July 23, 2009

HAVE to get back in shape!

I have been slowly losing a little weight, but I somehow need to get motivated to get back in shape. I have had a year and a half of goofing off and being lazy and at this age it feels almost impossible to work back into some semblance of physical fitness.
Riding Nina at a walk does not require any fitness.
Today I got on a horse during a lesson. Horse was being a stubborn mule and the rider was so frustrated. So I got on. I am in such rotten shape that pushing the horse to be obedient for about 10 minutes had me puffing. So sad.
I just need to leap out of bed in the morning and work out, instead of dragging out of bed, waiting impatiently for the coffee to be ready and then sitting like a zombie sucking down coffee.
Sounds simple......OMG.

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