Thursday, July 30, 2009

horses, some unwanted and some loved

There are many unwanted horses in the world. Abandoned, neglected, mistreated, starving.

And there are horses that are loved, cherished and looked out for. They are partners, friends, companions and obsessions.

This was Scotty, love of my life. Scotty died of colic 22 months ago. Healthy horse in his prime one day, dead the next. Colic.

And this happened to one of my students and a friend yesterday. This lovely horse was rescued from a bad situation last year and had become an athletic, happy, trusting partner.
Yesterday in 6 hours she went from happy horse to dead. Colic. Her name was Josie.
It is devastating, hearthbreaking and strikes without warning.

Because of Scotty's death I was in the right place at the right time to rescue this lovely mare from a bad situation. A year later she is happy, healthy and becoming my new partner.
I hope that something worthwhile comes from Josie's death. Otherwise it is a lot of suffering for nothing.


  1. Hi Barb -- Your work with horses is fascinating! I've never had a lot to do up close and personal with horses, but they are beautiful and magnificent creatures. Of course, as a kid, I loved books like Black Beauty, the Black Stallion series and the My Friend Flicka series. I love the graphic you use for Epona Communications. And in the watercolour illustration for Tapestry Life Coach, I see a horse's head too!

  2. Debra, thank you so much, I really appreciate the comments. I redid the Epona website about 6 times, I think I am finally satisfied with it. I made that banner myself. I'm glad you like it, always nice to get a vote of confidence.