Sunday, August 16, 2009

new horse?

We may have found a new horse for Ali. This is a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding, off the track for a few months. He has a wonderful temperament, an ok trot and a lovely canter. The owners were willing to negotiate a price and he will get checked by the vet this week. Pending a good report, she has a new horse. This is the kind of horse that I had hoped she would be able to move up to next year after a season of eventing on Josie, a more solid and safer mount. This is a different kind of ride than she is used to, but she says she is ready to make the commitment to learn what she needs to learn. Her riding skills are not an issue, it's just a big step from a stock type horse to an off track thoroughbred.
This guy reminds me a little of my horse, Scotty, when he was just off the track. A little confused by his new job but just friendly and happy and willing to give anything a try.
Green horses are a challenge, but they are also a great learning experience. They don't lie to you and they can teach you a lot while they are learning at the same time. They are not for green riders. But experienced riders with enough patience can have a blast with a green TB.

Here's hoping for a good vet check.

Edited to add: this one didn't work out. We will just keep looking.


  1. You are personally responsible for my new record of signing up to one person's various RSS feeds and /or following blogs! At some point, I will need to quit my job and simply read your blogs every day! Best!

  2. You're funny, Bob. I'm afraid this one will bore you. :-)