Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloggest Loser

I am joining a blog group for weight loss and healthy eating...Bloggest Loser. I have been losing weight since I got really determined about it and this brand new blog looks like it might be fun. It is not a dieting site, more just a supportive group. It is just getting started so we will see how it goes.

After almost two years off from serious riding and getting closer and closer to 60, I really need to get in shape NOW if I am going to ride well again. I feel like it is now or never and the older I get the harder it is to stay fit. See my post from back in July...I have lost 20 pounds since then, but need to lose much more. Most of my friends are not overweight so I don't talk about what I am doing or not doing much with them. I'm supposed to talk in this post about how I got overweight, but there wasn't one single 'cause.' I have just gradually put on weight over the years since I turned about 40. It is just harder to stay active enough to keep my weight down and my eating habits have not changed enough. I was motivated to stay in some sort of shape for riding but I have been without a competitive horse for 2 years in September and honestly just let myself go to hell. That's the honest, no excuses story.
If you are interested you can join this group, or just follow. There is a button in the sidebar.


  1. hi there ,fellow bL
    i want to say that i really enjoy reading your blog, and its so great great and ironic that you ride horses..

  2. I'm glad to have you! Welcome, Welcome! Yes, we are here for support any time you need us!! We all need support...a place we can go to get guidance, love...and sometimes...a firm hand. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you!

  3. Welcome Barb! We are glad to have you! If you want the Bloggest Loser button to sit neatly in line with the rest of your buttons;

    Go to the HTML of the button and delete "center" at the beginning and "center" at the end, and the < brackets around the words