Friday, July 30, 2010

Creative Every Day - Life

I just rejoined Creative Ever Day but I was glad to have something to post for the theme for July - Life.
I am doing a little bit of gardening this year for the first time in several years and enjoying it so much. I happen to have some Nasturtiums in several stages of their life right now and decided to share them.
One thing I like about Nasturtiums is how incredibly fast they grow. One day there is a little piece of stem pushing up through the soil, seed and newly forming leaf still buried. It pauses there for a day and then overnight there is a little plant with a giant leaf or two.

The first picture is a 3 day old plant. The two in the pot below; one is a week old and the other is just one day.
Another thing I love about Nasturtiums is that they will not be tamed. They are very happy in a pot, but you cannot shape them or tie them or coax them into growing in the shape that pleases you, they grow as they wish. This one spent a month spilling over one side of the pot and then suddenly took off in the other direction.

And of course the best thing about Nasturtiums is the incredibly brilliant flowers nestled half hidden in the enormous leaves. Delicate, jewel like while they are blooming and beautiful shapes when they fade.

But you shouldn't let them fade because they are edible and yummy in a salad.

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