Monday, July 12, 2010

short thoughts on BP

There are an awful lot of people screaming (figuratively) all over the internet for BP to stop the oil leak in the Gulf. As if they haven't thought of that.
There are others patting BP on the back for its efforts and saying over and over and over again that this was an 'accident.'

I think most of us get it. BP is doing all it can to stop the leak and appease the American public and do what it can to fix the mess.
As a quick aside, you morons who keep saying that BP needs to pay to restore the wildlife REALLY don't get what happens when you ruin an ecology.
And most of us also get that this was an accident, BP did not do this on purpose thinking it might be a good idea.
What both polarized groups seem to be missing is that when you spend a very long time taking short cuts and stretching, if not breaking, the rules, sooner or later an accident is going to bite you in the ass. Call it karma, call it statistics, call it anything you like, it is going to happen.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, we live in a society where people do stupid things on a daily basis and then are shocked when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, so does BP.

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