Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Journal...this is gonna be fun!

My first art journal - title page
I have always wanted to do an art journal.  Whenever I see one on someone's site I have to stop and look at it.  But I have always been too intimidated to try it.  These last couple of weeks of being committed to having time for my art and doing TAW morning pages I am starting to think about my art more like I did when I was young and the process was the fun and the challenge, not the finished product.  I realized that I was looking at art journals like a finished piece of work, which I guess they eventually turn in to.  Then I realized that I needed to do an artist's journal as a way to explore, take notes, have successes and failures and keep them all together as a learning process.  So I sat down and started one tonight.  I have always been fascinated by how some artist's can seamlessly bind collage and original art together into one piece.  So I am going to experiment with collage.
I sat down this afternoon with some old magazines, scissors, glue, an unused sketchbook, and some watercolors.  I did this very simple page almost entirely from magazine clippings.  I like it.  I had fun.  It was like being in first grade only with a cup of coffee, sharp scissors and no Sister Mary PITA telling me that I was doing it wrong.  I felt like a little kid and really enjoyed the process.  I put a bunch of clippings that I like in a folder, stuck the folder in with my watercolors and it will be ready to get me started next time.

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