Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Artist's Way - official start

This is it. The official start of The Artist's Way. I have been doing the morning pages all week and glad to be able to say that I have done them everyday, over huge mental resistance. I decided that Sunday would be my day to read each chapter and plan for the exercises and artist's date for the upcoming week. Saturday will be check in day. Although she says that you don't have to do all the exercises each week, the first week's seem to be all interconnected so I am going to try to do them all. Most can be added onto the morning pages. For an artist's date I am thinking about browsing the antique stores in Lafayette, something that I have wanted to do for about 15 years, I think that was the last time I did that. And a cup of coffee at Canon Mine, which is something I do manage to do every once in a while. I need to set a date and time and carve it in stone. Equal amounts of skepticism and excitement over this.


  1. I started the Artist's Way a couple of times. I did the morning papers for a while. But other things got in the way.
    Are you working through it with anyone else?
    Your determination is contagious! I really do want to go through it all! Do you mind if I join you? We can share ideas/what we've done etc. Take care.
    Now I have to catch up and reread Chap 1!

  2. I would love to go with it with you. I am working thru it on my own. There is a forum at the website and I check in there too. Several people are talking about creating a blogging group, I don't know if it will come to anything but I would love to have someone to chat with about it.