Friday, December 23, 2011

Creative Every Day

I started the Creative Every Day challenge I think the first year that Leah offered this online creative workshop.  It was fabulous and while I didn't blog about it, I enjoyed it a lot.
The next year I started it and didn't finish, life got in the way.
Then in 2010 I started it over halfway through the year.  My OCD self just knew that I should start at the beginning and somehow 'catch up.'  Yeah.  My more rational self said to just jump right in and participate.  My creative self said - you two go fight about it, I'm going on vacation.  And I could not finish, or even start a single project.
Just a little blocked.
So this year I actually signed up on time and I can't wait to get started working on the projects and looking at what everyone else is doing.  There are some fabulous artists that take part in this and just watching their work is inspirational. 
You might want to join in yourself.  Just click on the link in the right hand column and sign up.


  1. Congrats! I'm glad they define creativity very loosely. This will be my second year. Have met some interesting, inspirational women. :)

  2. what is your log in name on the check-in list?