Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's all in the timing

Turning my back on the presidential circus, both the current and the wanna-be version; ignoring the sounds of falling investment bankers on Wall Street; I turned my attention to something important...the new ipod.

I resisted buying an ipod for years. I thought they were very fun looking toys and I coveted one, but I found myself listening to NPR when I walked instead of music so it didn't seem to fit my needs. Then I discovered that there is this cool little attachment that looks like the Shuffle but in reality is an FM radio receiver. Intrigued, I still resisted. NPR was only on AM in this area and had been for a few years. Then NPR announced that they were moving back to FM and my resistance crumbled. I would get the little widget for myself, music AND NPR, I could justify it. It was fate.
So I took the plunge and in August I purchased the ipod Nano, 8GB, green.
I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have discovered the addiction of podcasts and now happily listen to my favorite news shows, how-to podcasts on nearly anything from meditation to gardening and all of my favorite music.

Then Apple announced that the ipod had been updated. The new ipod Nanos are an even sleeker design in more colors, have more capacity and are less expensive.
The new Classic was also an upgrade and now has 120GB and costs approximately $50 more than my 8GB Nano. The brand new 8GB Nanos are approximately $50 less than I spent less than a month before the new ones were released.

I am still happy with mine. I just tell myself that at this rate, I will soon be able to have one of those 120GB models for practically nothing....
.....I'll just wait.

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