Monday, September 15, 2008

The Third Crusade....the remake

Done any reading about history lately? You might want to brush up on the period around 1100 AD. Why? Because there are some people in this country, who seem to think of that era as The Good Ole Days.

Let's see what there is to be nostalgic about.....
What we would call scientists had to work in secret and at the risk of their lives.
Disease ran rampant and was viewed as punishment from God for unnamed sins.
oh,'s a biggy...
Most of western civilization was engaged in a Holy War. Richard really ramped up this Holy War when it was his turn, firing up the troops with the Will of God and defeating the Forces of Evil.
He did eventually get his hat handed to him and had to go home, but not before he and his predecessors partially destroyed Jerusalem and sapped the resources of western Europe, spawning multiples wars for control of what was left. Nice legacy.

So why is it that there seems to be a sizable chunk of our population who want to repeat this sterling era?
They want science removed from public school curriculum and replaced by religious teachings.
Being somewhat consistent on this bent, they have labelled some disease as punishment from God.
And they want to label a misguided/gone astray war in the Middle East as some sort of moral adventure.
A lot of flag waving accompanies these ideas, but apparently not a lot of thought about long term consequences.

I can't help but want this country to stop being viewed like the village idiot of the international community. We have health care and education that puts us competing with third world countries, left in the dust by most of the developed world.
Our unique blend of poison, religion and propaganda that we call politics leaves our allies gaping with open mouths.

And in the area of international diplomacy....with apologies to the career diplomats who are still hanging in there doing their best...let's just say we are somewhat inconsistent, perhaps incomprehensible would be a better description.

So when are the people who don't have some sort of personal agenda for personal gain going to take back control of this country?
We have an opportunity in November. It might be the last one for a long time.
Or we could get used to living in the Middle Ages.

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