Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin....

perhaps I should number these....there may be quite a few.
Let's start with the premise that this is a woman that working women everywhere can identify with.
Well.....maybe I can identify her....I have met women like her. I tend to run the other way.

The idea that all women everywhere will identify with all women everywhere, when it comes to politics, is absurb.
Do people really think that women backed Hilary just because she is female?
How about because she has good ideas?

Palin's record indicates that she is someone that I would fight tooth and nail on almost every issue from environmental concerns (she doesn't seem to have any) to creationism. Personally I don't care what your religious beliefs are...but keep them out of the public schools and for that matter out of public office.

And I think that will lead me to my next rant......why should I care what religion you subscribe to?

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