Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frozen sunset

It is cold here right now.  Just checked and it is 1F with wind chill taking it down to -9F.  Yesterday the high was 13, but with bright Colorado sunshine on the snow and no wind it really didn't seem that cold.
I happened to look out a west window right at sunset and got a glimpse of a sunset that brought home a sense of cold. 
The blue sky had washed out to white, a fiery sunset had wispy bits of white fog softening it, fading colors to icy pastels, the trees were black against the sky and the snow was a heavy blanket of white over everything, without the glitter that sparkled during the day.  There was a stillness in the air and a sense of being in a frozen painting.


  1. Beautiful description of what must have been a spectacular sight!! Wow, wish I could have seen that. Colorado is a beautiful state, but that is a bit cold for comfort. Something about the blue skies that make it acceptable though - here in NW Oregon, we get way too much rain for my preference...oh well, life's never perfect. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog, I appreciate your valuable input. I've never seen this horse ridden, but I would definitely have to meet him, see him ridden and then get on his back for myself before I committed to anything. Horse #6? I must be out of my mind!! But, like you - I've always wanted to work with a Mustang, and life's so very short. If it's meant to be, guess I will go for it!! Thanks again!! Gorgeous horse you have, by the way!!!!

  2. Actually sounds like a beautiful winter sunset. Cold, but beautiful.