Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have been watching HSN for the last two days.  Not buying, just watching.
Sometimes I just want to sit down for a little while, drink some coffee and be entertained.  I don't have cable and don't watch reality shows.  I get burned out on the news and political mud throwing, I only like watching a few sports on TV (like many more in person) and I don't usually plan to just sit long enough to watch a movie. 
I stumbled across HSN the other day and had a great time window shopping.  Did it again the next day.  It's on right now.
I remember the first time I watched HSN.  I heard a comedian say that Suze Orman must be the only person in America who has never been up at 2am with a credit card, a bottle of wine and HSN.
Eat your heart out Suze.

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  1. I've never gotten into HSN, but had watched a little when I had it. Enough to know what other people are talking about. I tended to only peek at the craft and kitchen stuff--hehe! I wondered what these people did who seemed to be regular callers? Have fun!! It's harmless if you don't get out your charge card--ROFL!! ;)