Saturday, December 13, 2008


We have been unusually lucky with the mild weather so far this year. Or unlucky if you are a skier. Only a few blasts of cold, otherwise mostly mild and sunny. Today will be in the 50s. But the weathermen are predicting an arctic blast on its way for tonight and the next few days. Highs in the low teens. brrrrrrr.

I think I will look like this tomorrow.....

bundle up, sit still and watch the football games. I have hardly watched any pro football, which I love, because it has been too nice to sit indoors. I will make up for that tomorrow.

Stay warm!

ok, the weathermen were right in that it was really cold, but just FYI, it was not 'highs in the teens' the high today was 4.....FOUR degrees Fahrenheit. Cold is one thing, the deep freeze is something else.

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