Friday, December 12, 2008

very childish

So today I am in rush hour traffic. Typical Friday stuff, crawling traffic made even slower by the self absorbed who apparently think that no one notices them driving on the shoulder, island, sidewalk, in order to gain the length of a parking space or two.

Two lane road, converging to one lane, silver Acura SUV decides WAY too late to pull out of traffic and beat everyone to the convergence point. He has to drive on the shoulder, then on the grass, then cause three cars to take emergency action to avoid hitting him...but hey, he gained at least 20 yards.

I was the one that he pulled directly into and ended up in front of after I got straightened around from avoiding him. I wasn't even angry, I had seen him coming and except for how close he came to killing me....I wasn't surprised. But I thought he ought to know that at least one of the cars ducking him had actually seen him. So I layed on the horn. And kept it down. And drove along with the horn going. The guy behind me, who had been beating the steering wheel, also layed on the horn and kept it going. The guy in front of the idiot, who had also seen his life flash before his eyes, slowed down and layed on his horn.

There we were, trundling down the street, four cars...three of them with the horns blowing and the drivers laughing. Our celebrity turned off at the next available driveway and roared away. The three of us released the horns and continued on our way. All three of us laughing our heads off.

It was childishly mean. It was childishly fun. And it beat letting a jerk raise some unnecessary road rage and blood pressure. Face it, he was already mad at the world, why should everyone else get sucked into it?

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