Tuesday, December 2, 2008

where are my gloves?

I have multiple pairs of gloves. I cannot find any of them.
Winter is coming, we have been unbelievably lucky so far with wonderful mild weather. A few cold, wet, windy days to remind us that winter is going to come, there is no escape.

So I have dug my winter coat and jacket out of the storage area of the closet, found my scarves and hats and I would be all ready except that I cannot find a single pair of gloves.

I'm making it a mission. If I give up and go and buy a pair of gloves I will come home and immediately find gloves that I had forgotten I ever owned.

This is sort of a war of wills, me against the universe. I am the butt of a cosmic joke.

Anyone seen any garden fairies stealing things from the house lately?

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