Monday, January 12, 2009

12 Secrets...Chapter 1

favorite quote:
"What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do." Sanaya Roman

I do wish that I had understood/listened to/been brave enough to live by this when I was younger. My consolation is that so many women I meet are in the same situation. Like many of them, I had a good career, made good money and called myself successful. But it had nothing to do with what I love or who I am. Who exactly were we listening to when we go so far off track in our youth? Better late than never. I shall just have to live a very long time to make up for it.

I just finished reading Chapter 1. I was relieved, intrigued and interested. Relieved because I was afraid it was going to be some chirpy, inane, you-can-do-it sort of tripe.
Instead I found myself wanting to learn more about the women who contributed to this book and very interested in what the author had to say. I felt involved in a conversation.
I am delighted by the beginning of this project and looking forward to Chapter 2.


  1. Definitely better late than never! I think older women are particularly primed for getting this message of acknowledging your creativity, go for it!
    And I too really loved that quote that you've highlighted. Sometimes it is hard to interpret or even notice these signs from our higher selves. But once you start it does get easier.

  2. Oh yes I feel too that I MUST live a long time to get all the things I let myself miss in. But we will get in exactly what we need to, I believe.

    What I love about the online circle is that it too is a conversation, even more than the book. So many things to relate to, so much validation and inspiration!

  3. I can relate to the feelings, but this is what I tell myself "You've unfolded when you were meant to." But I also plan on living for a really, really, really long long time. ;)

    "So little to do, so much time. Wait, strike that, reverse it." Willie Wonka

    The word success has been on my mind lately. What is success-full? I think that is one of those words that is personally defined. What I deem as success-full certainly wouldn't be to others. I'm going to think on this more. Thank you for the inspiration!


  4. I agree, we women spent so many years burying our true selves, ignoring the parts of us that would help us thrive and grow, literally keep us alive!

    How wonderful that we have the support to make changes now, though, before it truly is too late.

  5. I think because most people do not believe in their own creativity, they discourage or do not take seriously others' creativity. I am glad you are coming into your own! And you're right about the book. It's genuinely interesting and authentic. :)

  6. Sometimes I wonder about those "lost years" but I'm learning to replace the regret with a willingness to see that everything happened as it should, and who I am today is shaped by all those choices. I'm so glad to be sharing this creative journey with you!

  7. I think we will all discover alot about ourselves along this journey.

  8. I'm so curious to hear more about what you love. I'll look forward to hearing more as we share this journey.