Thursday, January 29, 2009

12 Secrets...Chapter 2

I am finding this book so inspiring. I spent a great deal of my life suppressing my feminine side, feeling that it wasn't valued or even necessary.
My creativity, my connection to nature and my sense of continuity took the form of breeding show dogs. I bred 7 generations of German Shepherds and traced their heritage as lovingly as any genealogist and treasured glimpses of previous generations in the newest one.
But other than that, I cultivated the skills that would let me 'get ahead' and 'be successful.' That was not a totally bad thing, I learned and taught and grew. But it is only now, in my late 50s that I have come to realize that I ignored my own yearnings and natural skills in favor of things that more obviously would contribute to making a living.
I envy those of you who listened to your internal voices earlier in life, but I am enjoying the path I am now exploring.

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  1. husband always says "While you're feeling envy over someone else and what they've done or are doing...someone is feeling envy over you and what you've done or are doing."

    I have been following my natural skills for four years now and I still struggle with the making a living part. I don't need the money (it would be nice, but it's not necessary)...but there is something put into our minds very early on that if we aren't making money at something, we aren't value-able. Ugh. I hope one day to be done with that struggle for good. Society can be a very dangerous animal with very dangerous germs.

    I'm thrilled to be able to peek into your world and see your explorations.