Sunday, January 25, 2009

CED, day 25

I have not kept up with scanning and posting in the way that I intended but I have been working...or should I say PLAYING...with what I intended and more.

The watercolors project became somewhat frustrating again and I was losing my focus on enjoying the process and beginning to stress about the end result. So I set it aside for a little while. I also purchased the book "Watercolor Basics, Let's Get Started" by Jack Reid. It is a series of exercises to help beginners learn and become comfortable in the medium. The author's enjoyment of the process and not just the result comes across very clearly. It was a good choice for me and I am enjoying it.

I also began writing everyday on
I made a commitment to average an article a day for the month just to see how it went and so far I am enjoying it. I was glad that I decided to do it that way because some days I am completely blank for a topic and other days several articles flow easily. I have posted a link in the sidebar if you care to read, and feel free to comment.
This has been a good way to do something I like doing in a more disciplined way. I am very excited to see that our thought for February in CED is "Words."

I am also taking part in the 12 Secrets group blog and it has become an important part of my CED process. The two tie together in just the right way for me.

I have taken a little time to surf around and see some of the other blogs of those who are taking part in both of these projects and I am in awe of the creative people that I visit.

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  1. I find the CED and 12 Secrets works beautifully together. I still haven't felt inspired to write, but it'll happen. I have faith.