Friday, January 2, 2009

CED, day 2

Taking the plunge....watercolors.
Good watercolor paintings have always touched an emotional chord in me, more so than any other medium as a general rule. But the creation of good watercolor art has always eluded me. I have painted in oils and acrylics and while I am a fairly good technician, my work lacks emotion, which is at the core of art. There is no emotion in the finished product because the mediums do not conjure up emotion in me.
Watercolor does move me, but it goes against my ingrained control freak nature. I was the little girl who painted the little paint-by-number pictures with nary a mistake. I was the little girl who colored drawings with crayon and filled every molecule of space and obsessed over which color should cover the lines, perfectly.
A good watercolor painting makes natural flowing use of space and light, something I greatly admire but find alien when I try it myself.

But I am willing to try again, spurred on by this challenge and wanting to have fun with it instead of toiling in frustration. Above is a pencil sketch to work from, already I know that I have inserted too much detail but I am going to ignore it and carry on. I plan to work on this through the weekend and if at the end I have my usual muddy 'did you think you were working in oils, dear?' least I will have taken the first step.
Have fun, play, have fun, create, have

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  1. Play! :) I can't paint at all, so I consider you way ahead of me. :)