Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CED, day 6

Add ImagePlaying with color.

Finding things in colors.

Facing my fear of watercolor,
I am going to find a way to play with them.



  1. This painting reminds me of some of the landscapes in my internal sacred space. Very soft, very welcoming. I admire your bravery in tackling something that scares you a little! Watercolours are really difficult for me, too. Same issue - muddiness ensues! These are crisp and clear, though!

  2. I also admire your courage in playing! Oh so YAY YOU! The vibrant, yet the soft'ness of the colors appeals to my senses. And what you found....purely magickal!


  3. Thank you. I thought a couple of things I found were just cool. And a couple were a reach.